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Ruben Dietze's lyrics are characterized by a freely associative style. He always manages to dress dark subjects in poetry that feels light. His pop music studies in Hanover and Rome, as well as more than 20 years of experience on the piano, provide him with the ultimate skillset for exciting, fresh compositions.


More than 15 years of experience with digital audio workstations, production lessons from Peter Weihe (Udo Lindenberg, Faclo, etc.), his skills as a pianist, singer and multi-instrumentalist, as well as the unerring handling of sounds lead to contemporary top-level productions that turn every song into let it appear in its very best light.


In his arrangements, Ruben Dietze fuses influences from various acoustic and electronic genres to create his very own sound. Whether piano ballad, EDM dance track or indie pop. His clever arrangements create unmistakable atmospheres and above all never get boring.


Depending on the project, Ruben either mixes and masters his productions himself, or collaborates with other outstanding mixing and mastering engineers. Among them: Joshua Lange (LEA, Max Raabe, etc.), Helge Preuss (Lewis Capaldi, Silbermond, etc.), Jacco Herrhaus (Versacer, Joy Bogat, etc.).

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