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Ruben Dietze has won the hearts of indie pop fans in recent years as the songwriter and singer of the trio "5 Minuten Liebe", with the help of producer Helge Preuß (Lewis Capaldi, Silbermond)  conquered. Now he returns with his solo album "Comfortzone" and wows us again.

With his mix of house, RnB and hip-hop, Ruben Dietze has created a sound somewhere between James Blake and Stromae that pushes the boundaries of indie pop. Digitization, isolation, overwhelm and self-alienation are the major themes of our time that characterize his texts, but always told with a gentle smile and a subtle wink.


For "Comfortzone" Ruben traveled across southern Europe to collect sounds and noises that he can integrate into his music. The result is an album that takes us on an unexpected journey and inspires us to hear the world around us with new ears. In autumn 2023 the time has come!


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